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72" Vanguard 32 hp

Model RT-HD

Manufacturer Spartan Mowers

American Pride Power Equipment Zanesville Ohio USA 72 INCH Vanguard 32 hp RT-HD


The RT-HD’s conventional design possesses four of the five layers as standard equipment: Radial Tires, TecsPak® adjustments from 100-300 pounds, 360-degree Seat Platform, and Dial Adjustable Seat. Three mower widths, 54", 61" and 72", and three strong engine options make this Spartan's best value commercial mower. We've fine tuned our engine options for the RT-HD, offering the Vanguard® 810cc 26 hp, the Kawasaki FX801V 25.5 hp, and the Vanguard® Big Block 36 hp. Take your won't be disappointed in any of the three.


  • Front & Rear Radial Tires

  • TecsPak® Underseat

  • 360 Degree Seat Plate

  • LED Light Kit

  • 3” Adjustable Seat

  • 4 Bearing Spindles

  • Adjustable Steering Arms

  • 6” Deep Deck

  • 11 mph Top Speed

  • 18,500 FPM Blade Tip Speed